Revelation of John 19

Was found the blood of prophets; that is, the guilt of shedding that blood.

Called unto the marriage supper; called to share in the rejoicing.

Is the spirit of prophecy; is the same in its origin and spiritual value.

For similar images and expressions denoting Christ, see 3:14; 6:2.

Knew; understood, in respect to its import and meaning. What the name itself was, is stated in the next verse. (See John 1:1.) This declaration should make us very distrustful of any ideas which we may attempt to form of the nature of the divine Word, and of his relation to the Father, beyond the simple declarations of the Scriptures. Even the attempt to combine these declarations, for the purpose of giving to the result a general and systematic expression, is a very uncertain undertaking.

A vesture dipped in blood; a common emblem of war. It is to denote, in this instance, the terrible destruction with which he should visit his enemies,—as is expressed distinctly below.

On his thigh; at his thigh; that is, upon the hilt of his sword.

The remnant; that is, of those that had worshipped the beast.

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