Revelation of John 22

Proceeding out of the throne, &c.; so described in order to represent the happiness of heaven, here prefigured under the symbol of a river, as derived from the presence and influences of God and the Lamb.

Of it; of the city described in the preceding chapter.—The tree of life; that tree of which man had been deprived when he first entered upon his career of transgression. (Gen. 3:22.)

No more curse; the curse shall be no more; that is, the terrible curses originally denounced against human sin in the days of Adam's transgression (Gen. 3:14-19) shall now be removed forever. Thus the volume of the word of God, having opened with a history of that terrible malediction pronounced upon the human race, which has made this world such a scene of sorrow, now sublimely closes with a prophetic announcement of its perpetual removal. This link, connecting the beginning with the end, binds together the whole word of God, and gives a lofty unity to the long succession of vastly varied materials which the sacred volume comprises.—And his servants shall serve him; shall be employed, actively, in the pursuit and accomplishment of his plans.

Shall see his face; shall be admitted to intimate communion with him.—His name, &c. This was a mark of ownership. The meaning is, that they shall be entirely his.

And he saith unto me; that is, Jesus saith, as is evident from what follows, especially v. 16.

The meaning is, Let men continue in these various characters, if they will. I come quickly with the rewards that they will respectively deserve. A similar mode of expression is adopted in Eccl. 11:9.

Dogs; reprobates. (See Matt. 7:6.)

The bride; the church.

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