Revelation of John 5

A book; in the form of a roll.—Sealed with seven seals; in such a manner that, by breaking the seals in succession, the several portions of the manuscript were successively unfolded. It is of no consequence that we cannot easily form an idea of the manner in which seals could be arranged, so as to fulfil this condition, and yet all be visible before any of them were broken; for many of the images presented in these visions, are, like those of a dream, indistinct and incongruous, as will appear in the sequel.

To look thereon; that is, upon the writing contained in it.

Seven horns, and seven eyes; the symbols of intelligence and power.

And took the book. The image of a lamb taking a book and successively opening the seals, is an example of the incongruity alluded to above. For other cases, see 8:10, 9:1, 10:9, 19:12, 22:1.

Vials, vessels of a peculiar form, used in the sacred ceremonies of the Jews, for incense and for libations.

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