Romans 12

Your bodies; yourselves.—A living sacrifice; wholly devoted to the service of God.

Conformed to this world, in sinful character.—Transformed; changed.—Prove; exemplify.

One of another; one with another.

The word prophecy, in the New Testament, generally refers to the public preaching of the gospel, in the exercise of the higher spiritual gifts. The specifications which follow, to v. 8, are to be understood as referring not to distinct and separate offices, as has been sometimes supposed, but to the different classes of duties which devolved upon the various individuals of the church, arising either from offices which they held, or from their peculiar characteristics or positions. The general meaning is, that, whatever may be the peculiar duties which the individual is called upon to perform, according to his talents or position or circumstances he should give himself cheerfully to the work, feeling that he is thus coöperating with all his brethren, and that his brethren are coöperating with him.

Ministry; the service Of the church in respect to its temporal concerns.

Without dissimulation; honest, sincere.

Mind not high things; that is, they were not to set their hearts on what is high and honorable in the estimation of the world.

Things honest; things reputable, praiseworthy. That is, the Christian is to have a constant regard for the aspect in which his conduct and character exhibit themselves to mankind.

Give place unto wrath,—to the wrath of God; that is, leave the work of retribution to him.

Heap coals of fire upon his head; overwhelm him with shame and remorse for the injuries he has done you.

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