Romans 15

Not to please ourselves; not to act merely with reference to pleasing ourselves.

Since Christ endured reproach and suffering for us, we ought to have a kind and tender regard for each other.

According to Christ Jesus; in accordance with the Spirit manifested by him.

With one mind and one mouth; with one mind and one voice.

Was a minister of the circumcision; of the Jewish people. In his mission to this world, he fulfilled the designs and promises of God in respect to the Jews.

And that the Gentiles, &c.; that is, he came for the benefit of the Gentiles also, that they might find mercy in God, in accordance with what was always his design, as is shown from the passages quoted in the verses which follow.

The grace; the trust or commission, viz., the one mentioned in the next verse.

Which pertain to God; to the kingdom of God.

Illyricum was beyond Macedonia, towards the north.

For which cause; that is, on account of having been engaged in giving the publication of the gospel the greatest possible extension.

No more place; that is, none specially requiring his presence and labors.

Thitherward; towards Spain.

To minister unto the saints; to minister to their wants, by carrying a contribution. The circumstances of this contribution are referred to in Acts 24:17, 1 Cor. 16:1-4, 2 Cor. chap. 8: 9:

Sealed to them; secured to them.

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