Exodus 26

The Ten Curtains of the Tabernacle

1 You are to construct the tabernacle [itself] [with] ten curtains of finely spun linen, [each] with blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, [and] cherubim skillfully worked into them. 2 Each curtain shall be twenty-eight cubits long and four cubits wide—
That is, about 42 feet long and 6 feet wide (13 meters long and 1.8 meters wide)
all curtains the same size.
3 Five of the curtains are to be joined together, and the other five joined [as well] . 4 Make loops of blue [material] on the edge of the end curtain in the first set, and do the same for the end curtain in the second set. 5 Make fifty loops on one curtain and fifty loops on the end curtain of the second set, so that the loops line up opposite one another. 6 Make fifty gold clasps {as well} , and join the curtains together with the clasps, so that the tabernacle will be a unit.

The Eleven Curtains of Goats' Hair

7 You are to make curtains of goat hair for the tent over the tabernacle— eleven curtains altogether. 8 Each of the eleven curtains [is to be] the same size— thirty cubits long [and] four cubits wide.
That is, about 45 feet long and 6 feet wide (13.5 meters long and 1.8 meters wide)
9 Join five of the curtains into one set and the other six into another. Then fold the sixth curtain {over} double at the front of the tent. 10 Make fifty loops along the edge of the end curtain in the first set, and fifty along the edge of the corresponding curtain in the second set. 11 Make fifty bronze clasps and put [them] through the loops to join the tent together as a unit. 12 As for the overlap that remains of the tent curtains, the half curtain that is left over shall hang down over the back of the tabernacle. 13 And the tent curtains [will be] a cubit
That is, about 18 inches or 45 centimeters
longer on either side , and the excess will hang over the sides of the tabernacle to cover it.
14 Also make a covering for the tent out of ram skins dyed red, with a covering of fine leather
Possibly the hides of large aquatic mammals
over it.

The Frames and Bases

15 You are to make upright frames of acacia wood for the tabernacle. 16 Each frame is to be ten cubits long and a cubit and a half wide.
That is, about 15 feet long and 2.25 feet wide (4.5 meters long and 68 centimeters wide)
17 Two tenons must be connected to each other for each frame. Make all the frames of the tabernacle in this way. 18 Construct twenty frames for the south side of the tabernacle, 19 [with] forty silver bases under the twenty frames— two bases [for each] frame, one under each tenon. 20 For the second side of the tabernacle, the north side, [make] twenty frames 21 and forty silver bases— two bases under each frame . 22 Make six frames for the rear of the tabernacle, the west side, 23 [and] two frames for the two back corners of the tabernacle, 24 coupled together from bottom to top and fitted into a single ring. These will serve as the two corners. 25 So there are to be eight frames and sixteen silver bases— two under each frame . 26 You are to also make five crossbars of acacia wood for the frames on one side of the tabernacle, 27 five for [those] on the other side, and five for those on the rear side of the tabernacle, to the west. 28 The central crossbar in the middle of the frames shall extend from one end to the other. 29 Overlay the frames with gold and make gold rings to hold the crossbars. Also overlay the crossbars with gold. 30 So you are to set up the tabernacle according to the pattern shown you on the mountain.

The Veil for the Ark

31 Make a veil of blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and finely spun linen, with cherubim skillfully worked into it. 32 Hang it with gold hooks on four posts of acacia wood, overlaid with gold [and] standing on four silver bases. 33 And you are to hang the veil from the clasps and place the Ark of the Testimony behind the veil. So the veil will separate the Holy Place from the Most Holy Place. 34 Put the mercy seat on the Ark of the Testimony in the Most Holy Place. 35 And place the table outside the veil on the north side of the tabernacle, and put the lampstand opposite the table, on the south side.

The Curtain for the Entrance

36 For the entrance to the tent, you are to make a curtain embroidered with blue, purple, and scarlet yarn, and finely spun linen. 37 Make five posts of acacia wood for the curtain, overlay them with gold hooks, and cast five bronze bases for them.
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