1 John 1

1The Word of life always was living, even from the beginning. We heard him. We saw him with our own eyes. We looked at him, and we touched him with our own hands. We are writing to you about this Word of life. 2This life came to earth. We saw him, and we know about him. And we tell you about this life that lives for ever. This life was with the Father and came to us. 3We tell you also what we have seen and heard. We tell you so that you also will belong with us. And we belong with the Father and the Son. 4We write these things to you so that we all will be very happy.

5God is like light and he is not dark at all. That is the message we heard from him. That is the message we are telling you. 6Do we say that we belong with him? And at the same time, do we live in the dark? Then what we say is not true, and what we do is not right. 7Do we live in the light, as God is in the light? Then we belong with others who belong to him. And the blood of the death of Jesus Christ makes us clean from all the wrong things we have done.

8Do we say, ‘We have no wrong ways’?Then we are fooling ourselves, and we do not know what is true. 9Let us tell God about our wrong ways. God can be trusted. He does what is right. He will forgive us for the wrong things we have done. He will make us clean from all that was wrong. 10Do we say, ‘We have not done anything wrong’?This is like saying that God is not true. That means we do not accept God’s word.

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