Ephesians 6

1Children, obey your parents as the Lord wants you to. This is the right thing to do. 2, 2‘Respect your father and mother.’ This is the first law of God with a promise: ‘So that all will be well with you, and that you may live long on earth.’ 3Fathers, do not make your children angry. But teach them the things children need to know, and tell them what they must not do. Teach them what Christ would teach them. 4Servants, obey your boss. Respect him with all your heart and try to please him as you would Christ. 5Obey not only when he is looking at you, as if you were pleasing a man. But obey as the servants of Christ, and do with all your heart what God wants you to do. 6Work gladly as if you were working for the Lord and not for men. 7You know that the Lord will pay every man for the good things he does. It does not matter if he is a servant or a free man. 8And you who are bosses, be good to your servants also. Do not talk loud, hard words to them. Remember that both their Lord and yours is in heaven. He does not love one person more than another. 9Last of all, I say this. Be strong in the Lord and use the strength he gives.

10Use everything that God has given you so that you can fight against the tricks of the devil. 11We are not fighting against people of flesh and blood. But we are fighting against rulers and powers whom we cannot see. We are fighting against those who control the darkness of this world, and against bad spirits who have power in the air. 12So use everything that God has given you, that you can fight when the bad time comes. You will need to do everything you can do to stand! 13So then, stand and hold on tight to the truth like you put on a belt. Do what is right. Wear it as a cover for your body. 14You have the good news of peace. Wear that like shoes on your feet. 15You believe in God. Take that and cover all of yourself with it. With that you can stop all the poison arrows of the devil. 16You have been saved. Wear your salvation like you wear something on your head to protect yourself. And take with you the big knife or sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. 17Always talk to God in the Spirit. Talk to him about everything and ask him for what you need. Put your mind on what you are saying, asking God to help all his people. 18And also, ask God to help me to talk without fear and tell people God’s plan about the good news.

19I am in prison with chains on because I speak the good news about Jesus Christ. Ask God to help me to tell the good news without fear as I should tell it. 20Tychicus will tell you all about me and what I am doing. He is a brother whom I love and a very good helper in the Lord’s work. 21I am sending him to you so that you will know about us, and so that he may comfort your hearts. 22May God the Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ, give our brothers peace and love with faith. 23May the kindness of God bless all who love our Lord Jesus Christ. 24

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