Hebrews 3

1My brothers, you are holy. You are also called to go to heaven. Take time to think carefully about Jesus. God sent him. He is the high priest we believe in. 2He did what God sent him to do, just as Moses did in God’s house. 3But Jesus is much greater than Moses-as the one who builds a house is greater than the house itself. 4Every house is built by someone, but God is the one who builds all things. 5Moses did what he was told to do as a servant in all of God’s house. He showed things that God would say later. 6But Jesus Christ was true as a Son over God’s house. We are God’s house if we keep on believing and telling others what we hope to have.

7So as the Holy Spirit says, ‘Today, when you hear me speak, do not make your hearts hard. 8That is what happened when the people tested me in the desert and I became angry. 9There your fathers tested me and tried me. And they saw what I did for forty years. 10So I was very angry with the people of that time. I said, "Their minds are always dark. They have not known my ways." 11I said when I was angry, "They will never go into my resting place." ‘ 12My brothers, take care that not one of you has a heart that does not believe. Such a heart will take you away from the living God. 13But talk to each other every day while ‘Today’ lasts, so that wrong ways will not fool any one of you and your hearts become hard. 14We have our part with Christ if we go on to the end and believe in him as we did at first. 15God is still saying now, ‘Today, when you hear me speak, do not make your hearts hard. That is what happened when the people turned against me.’ 16Who were the people who heard him and yet made him very angry? It was all the people whom Moses led out of the country of Egypt. 17With whom was God angry for forty years? He was angry with the people who had done wrong. And they died in the desert. 18Who were the people God said would never go into his resting place? They were the people who would not listen to him. 19So then, we see that they could not go in because they did not believe him.

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