Hebrews 4

1We still have God’s promise that people will go into his resting place. So let us take care that not one of you will be kept out. 2The good news has been told to us just as it was told to the people in the desert. But the message which they heard did not do them any good. Even though they heard it, they did not believe it. 3But we who believe, will go into that resting place of God. It is as God said, ‘When I was angry, I said, "They will never go into my resting place." ‘He said this even though his work had been finished ever since he had made the world. 4Here is what he said, somewhere in the holy writings, about the seventh day: ‘And God rested on the seventh day after doing all his work.’ 5And now here he says again, ‘They will never go into my resting place.’ 6So that means some people will go in. But the people who first heard the good news about it did not go in. They did not believe it. 7So he chose another day called ‘Today.’ He spoke through David many years later, who said, ‘Today, when you hear his voice, do not make your hearts hard.’ 8If Joshua had led those people to rest, God would not have talked later about another day. 9So there is still a rest for God’s people, like a Sabbath day. 10The person who goes into God’s resting place will rest after doing his work, just as God rested after doing his work.

11So let us do our best to go into that resting place. Those people died in the wilderness because they did not believe. So let us take care that the same thing does not happen to one of us. 12God’s word is living and full of power. It is more sharp than any sword that cuts on both sides. What God says cuts through and divides the mind and spirit. It cuts through and divides the place where the bones are joined, and the part inside the bone. What God says is able to judge the things people think and plan in their hearts. 13God is the one we must meet. Nothing can be hidden from him. Everything is open and he can see it. 14We have a great high priest who has gone into heaven. He is Jesus, the Son of God. Because we have such a great high priest, let us hold on to the things we believe. 15We have a high priest who can feel with us when we are weak. He has been tested in every way, just as we are. But he did not do anything wrong. 16So let us trust him when we come to worship God. He is so good. He will be kind to us and help us when we need it.

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