Romans 5

1We are made good people and put right with God when we believe in Jesus Christ. So now we have peace with God because of what our Lord Jesus Christ did. 2Because we believe, Christ has brought us to the place where God can do us good. We are in that place now. We are very happy because we have the hope that we shall see God’s greatness. 3And not only is that true, but we are very happy in our troubles, because we know that trouble makes us stronger. 4When we are strong to take trouble, we prove that we believe. When we prove that we believe, we have hope. 5We will not be disappointed by this hope. God has given us the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit has put God’s love in our hearts.

6We could not help ourselves. So at the right time, Christ died to save us bad people. 7Almost no one would die to save even a good man. But perhaps someone would die to save a very good man. 8God shows his love for us in this way: Christ died to save us while we were bad people. 9The blood of Christ has now put us right with God. So even more, he will save us from God’s strong anger. 10When we were enemies, the death of his Son brought us back to God. Now that we are made right with God, it is the life of Jesus that will save us. 11Not only is that true, but it is through our Lord Jesus Christ that we can enjoy God. This is for all who have been brought back to God by him. 12One man Adam did a wrong thing. And the wrong thing he did made him die. So all men die because all have done wrong things. 13People in the world were not right with God before he gave the law. But wrong things are not punished when there is no law. 14Yet death ruled over people from Adam’s time to Moses’ time. It even ruled over the people who were not as wrong as Adam. Adam was like a person who would come later. 15But the free gift is not like the wrong thing. Many people died because one man did a wrong thing. This is sure. God was very kind and he gave a free gift. This gift was given to many people because one man, Jesus Christ, did a very kind thing. 16The free gift is not like the wrong thing one man did. Because of that one man people were judged. And they were punished. Because many people did wrong things, God gave his free gift and many people were made right with him. 17One man did a wrong thing. And so death ruled over people because of that one man. God has been kind to people and given them his free gift. That gift is to make people right with God. People who take that gift will live and rule because of one man, Jesus Christ. 18One man did a wrong thing. And so all people were punished through him. But Christ did the right thing. And so all people can have the free gift of life through being put right with God. 19One man did not obey. And so many people were bad people. One man obeyed. And so many people will be made right with God. 20When the law came, it showed how wrong people really were. But when people were really bad, God was even more kind. 21The wrong things people did ruled over them, and they died. Now God has been very kind. He has made people right with him. So now God’s blessing will rule over them, and they will live for ever. Jesus Christ our Lord has done this for them.

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