Romans 8

1So now those who belong to Christ Jesus will not be judged. 2The Spirit gives life in Christ Jesus. And the law of the Spirit has set me free from the law of wrong things, and the law of death. 3God has done what the law could not do. The things people did made the law weak. God sent his own Son in a body of man. His body was like the bodies which others use to do wrong things. He sent him because people have done wrong things. And he judged the wrong things people have done in their bodies. 4He did this so that we might be good people as the law said we should be. We are good people if we live the way the Spirit wants us to live, not the way our bodies want to live. 5Some people live the way their bodies want to live. They think only about the things their bodies want to do. Other people live the way the Spirit wants them to live. They think about the things the Spirit wants them to do. 6If you keep your mind on the things your bodies want to do, you will die. But if you keep your mind on the things the Spirit wants, you will live and have peace. 7People who think about the things of this life are God’s enemies. They do not obey God’s law. They cannot obey it. 8People who do what their bodies want cannot please God. 9Does God’s Spirit live in you? If he does, then you are not living the way the body wants, but you are living the way the Spirit wants. If anyone does not have Christ’s Spirit, he does not belong to Christ.

10But if Christ is in you, your bodies are dead because of the wrong things you have done. But your spirits live because you have been made right with God. 11God raised Christ Jesus from death. Does God’s Spirit live in you? Then God will also give life to your bodies which die. He does this through his Spirit who lives in you. 12So, my brothers, we must not live the way our bodies want us to live. We must not be ruled by our wrong ways. 13If you live the way your bodies wants to live, you will die. But if, by the help of the Spirit, you stop doing the wrong things your bodies want to do, you will live. 14All who do what God’s Spirit leads them to do are God’s sons. 15The Holy Spirit you have received does not make you a slave again so that you are afraid. But the Spirit you have received makes you sons of God. 16So we say, ‘Father! Father!’ The Spirit himself also, along with our own spirits, tells us that we are God’s children.

17If we are his children, God will give us the good things that children receive. He will give us these blessings along with Christ. He will give it to us if we suffer with Christ. If we suffer with Christ, we will also be made great with him. 18I think that the troubles we have in this life are nothing when we think of the great things that we shall have. 19The whole world is waiting for the time when the sons of God will be seen. 20The world was spoiled. It did not want to be spoiled, but God allowed it. 21And it hoped to be free like God’s children when they are made great. 22We know that the whole world has been crying. It has had much pain until now. 23And not the world only, but we ourselves also cry out. We have the first blessing God gives of his Spirit. But we cry out in our hearts. We are waiting for God to finish making us his sons. Then our bodies will be set free. 24That is what we hoped for when we were saved. When the thing hoped for is seen, there is no more hoping. When a person sees a thing, how can he hope for it? 25But if we hope for something we do not see, we keep on waiting for it.

26Also the Spirit helps us because we are weak. We do not know how we should talk to God. But the Spirit himself talks to God for us, while we cry and cannot say any words. 27God looks to see what is in people’s hearts. And he knows what the Spirit is going to do. The Spirit talks to God for God’s people. And he asks for them what God wants them to have. 28We know that God works out everything for the good of those who love him. They are the people who are part of his plan.

29He knew all along that he would choose them. He chose them to be made like his Son. Then his Son would be the first one of many brothers. 30He chose them and he also called them. He called them to himself as if they had never been bad people. He made them right with himself and he also made them great in heaven.

31So what shall we say about this? If God is on our side, who can be against us? 32He did not keep his own Son, but gave him up for us all. Because he has given him to us, will he not also give us all other things? 33Who will say anything against God’s chosen people? For it is God himself who says they have been put right with him. 34Who will say they are not right? Jesus Christ died. Yes, he was raised from death. He is at the right side of God. And he talks to God for us. 35Who can take us away from Christ’s love? We may have trouble. We may have hard times. People may make us suffer because we believe. We may have no food to eat and no clothes to wear. We may be in danger. We may be killed with big knives. Can any of these things take us away from Christ’s love? 36The holy writings say, ‘For your sake we are killed all day. We are like sheep ready to be killed.’ 37But Christ loved us. He has helped us to win great victory in all these things. 39I know this. Death, life, angels, rulers, things happening now, things that will happen, high things, low things; nothing else in all the world can come between us and God’s love in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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