2 Corinthians 8

1And so we are making known to you, brothers, the grace of God that has been given in the churches of Macedonia. 2For within a great experience of tribulation, they have had an abundance of joy, and their profound poverty has only increased the richness of their simplicity. 3And I bear witness to them, that they were willing to accept what was in accord with their ability, and even what was beyond their ability. 4For they were begging us, with great exhortation, for the grace and the communication of the ministry that is with the saints. 5And this is beyond what we had hoped, since they gave themselves, first of all to the Lord, and then also to us, through the will of God, 6so much so that we petitioned Titus, that in the same manner as he had begun, he would also complete in you this same grace. 7But, just as in all things you abound in faith and in word and in knowledge and in all solicitude, and even more so in your charity toward us, so also may you abound in this grace. 8I am speaking, not commanding. But through the solicitude of others, I approve of the good character of your charity. 9For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though he was rich, he became poor for your sakes, so that through his poverty, you might become rich. 10And about this, I give my counsel. For this is useful to those of you who, only a year earlier, had just begun to act, or even to be willing to act. 11So, truly now, accomplish this in deed, so that, in the same manner as your willing mind is prompted, you may also act, out of that which you have. 12For when the will is prompted, it receives according to what that person has, not according to what that person does not have. 13And it is not that others should be relieved, while you are troubled, but that there should be an equality. 14In this present time, let your abundance supply their need, so that their abundance may also supply your need, in order that there may be an equality, just as it was written: 15“He with more did not have too much; and he with less did not have too little.” 16But thanks be to God, who has granted to the heart of Titus, this same solicitude for you. 17For certainly, he accepted the exhortation. But since he was more solicitous, he went to you of his own free will. 18And we have even sent with him a brother whose praise accompanies the Gospel throughout all the churches. 19And not only that, but he was also chosen by the churches to be a companion for our sojourn in this grace, which is ministered by us with our determined will, to the glory of the Lord. 20So let us avoid this, lest anyone disparage us over the abundance that is ministered by us. 21For we provide for what is good, not only in the sight of God, but also in the sight of men. 22And we have also sent with them our brother, whom we have proven to be frequently solicitous in many matters. But now there is a greater solicitousness, which is greatly entrusted to you; 23and whether it concerns Titus, who is a companion to me and a helper to you, or whether it concerns our brothers, the Apostles of the churches, it is to the glory of Christ. 24Therefore, in the sight of the churches, show them the proof of your charity and of our glorying about you.
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