Jdt 15

1And when the entire army had heard that Holofernes was beheaded, reason and resolution fled from them, and, being moved by trembling and fear alone, they thought only to flee to safety. 2So then, no one spoke with his neighbor, but hanging their heads and leaving everything behind, they hurried to escape from the Hebrews, who, as they had heard, were advancing against them well-armed. And they fled through the ways of the fields and the paths of the hills. 3And so, the sons of Israel, seeing them fleeing, pursued them. And they went down after them, sounding the trumpets and howling. 4And, since the Assyrians were not united, they rushed headlong in their flight. But the sons of Israel, pursuing like one unit, struck down all they were able to find. 5And so, Uzziah sent messengers through all the cities and regions of Israel. 6And then, every region and every city sent their chosen young men with weapons after them, and they pursued them with the edge of the sword, until they passed through to the extremities of their borders. 7But the remainder, who were in Bethulia, entered the camp of the Assyrians and took away the plunder that the Assyrians, in their flight, had left behind, and they were exceedingly burdened. 8In truth, those who returned victorious to Bethulia brought with them everything that was theirs. So there was no numbering their cattle, and beasts, and everything they could carry, so much so that, from the least to the greatest, all were made rich by their spoils. 9But Joachim, the high priest, came from Jerusalem to Bethulia with all his elders to see Judith. 10And when she had gone out to him, they all blessed her with one voice, saying: “You are the glory of Jerusalem, you are the joy of Israel, you are the honor of our people. 11For you have acted manfully, and your heart has been strengthened. For you loved chastity, and, after your husband, you have not known any other. Therefore, also the hand of the Lord has strengthened you, and, therefore, you will be blessed for all eternity.” 12And all the people said: “Amen. Amen.” 13But all of thirty days were scarcely enough for the people of Israel to collect the spoils of the Assyrians. 14But moreover, all of those things that were clearly the particular possessions of Holofernes they gave to Judith: with gold, and silver, and garments, and gems, and furniture. And these were all delivered to her by the people. 15And all the people rejoiced, with the women, and the virgins, and the young men, playing on wind instruments and stringed instruments.
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