Job 13

1Behold, my eye has seen all these things, and my ear has heard, and I have understood each one. 2In conformity with your knowledge, I also know. I am not inferior to you. 3Yet I speak this way to the Almighty, and I desire to argue with God, 4having first shown that you fabricate lies and cultivate perverse teachings. 5And I wish that you would remain silent, so that you would be counted among the wise. 6Therefore, listen to my correction, and pay attention to the judgment of my lips. 7Does God require your lie, so that you would speak deceitfully for him? 8Have you taken his place, and do you struggle to give judgment in favor of God? 9Or, will it please him, from whom nothing can be concealed? Or, will he be deceived, like a man, by your deceitfulness? 10He will accuse you because in secret you have preempted his presence. 11As soon as he moves himself, he will disturb you, and his dread will fall over you. 12Your remembrance will be compared to ashes, and your necks will be reduced to clay. 13Be silent for a little while, so that I may speak whatever my mind suggests to me. 14Why do I wound my flesh with my teeth, and carry my soul in my hands? 15And now, if he would kill me, I will hope in him; in this, truly, I will correct my ways in his sight. 16And he will be my savior, for no hypocrite at all will approach in his sight. 17Listen to my words, and perceive an enigma with your ears. 18If I will be judged, I know that I will be found to be just. 19Who is it that will go to judgment with me? Let him approach. Why should I be consumed in silence? 20Do not do such things to me twice, and then I will not hide from your face. 21Take your hand far away from me, and do not let your dread terrify me. 22Call me, and I will answer you, or else I will speak, and you can answer me. 23How many iniquities and sins do I have? Reveal my crimes and offenses to me. 24Why do you conceal your face and consider me to be your enemy? 25Against a leaf, which is carried away by the wind, you reveal your power, and you pursue dry straw. 26For you write bitter things against me, and you want to consume me for the sins of my youth. 27You have put my feet on a tether, and you have observed all my paths, and you have considered the steps of my feet. 28I will be left to decay like something rotten and like a garment that is being eaten by moths.
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