Psalms 9

1Unto the end. For the secrets of the Son. A Psalm of David. 2I will confess to you, Lord, with my whole heart. I will recount all your wonders. 3I will rejoice and exult in you. I will sing a psalm to your name, O Most High. 4For my enemy will be turned back. They will be weakened and perish before your face. 5For you have accomplished my judgment and my cause. You have sat upon the throne that judges justice. 6You have rebuked the Gentiles, and the impious one has perished. You have deleted their name in eternity and for all generations. 7The spears of the enemy have failed in the end, and their cities, you have destroyed. Their memory has perished with a loud noise. 8But the Lord remains in eternity. He has prepared his throne in judgment. 9And he will judge the whole world in equity. He will judge the people in justice. 10And the Lord has become a refuge for the poor, a helper in opportunity, in tribulation. 11And may they hope in you, who know your name. For you have not abandoned those seeking you, Lord. 12Sing a psalm to the Lord, who dwells in Zion. Announce his study among the Gentiles. 13Because of those who yearned for their blood, he has remembered them. He has not forgotten the cry of the poor. 14Have mercy on me, Lord. See my humiliation from my enemies. 15You lift me up from the gates of death, so that I may announce all your praises at the gates of the daughter of Zion. 16I will exult in your salvation. The Gentiles have become trapped in the ruin that they made. Their foot has been caught in the same snare that they themselves had hidden. 17The Lord will be recognized when making judgments. The sinner has been caught in the works of his own hands. 18The sinners will be turned into Hell: all the Gentiles who have forgotten God. 19For the poor will not be forgotten in the end. The patience of the poor will not perish in the end. 20Rise up, Lord: do not let man be strengthened. Let the Gentiles be judged in your sight. 21O Lord, establish a lawgiver over them, so that the Gentiles may know that they are only men. 22So then, why, O Lord, have you withdrawn far away? Why have you overlooked us in opportunity, in tribulation? 23While the impious is arrogant, the poor is enflamed. They are held by the counsels that they devise. 24For the sinner is praised by the desires of his soul, and the iniquitous is blessed. 25The sinner has provoked the Lord; according to the multitude of his wrath, he will not seek him. 26God is not before his sight. His ways are stained at all times. Your judgments are removed from his face. He will be master of all his enemies. 27For he has said in his heart, “I will not be disturbed: from generation to generation without evil.” 28His mouth is full of curses, and bitterness, and deceit. Under his tongue are hardship and sorrow. 29He sits in ambush, with resources in hidden places, so that he may execute the innocent. 30His eyes catch sight of the poor. He lies in ambush, in hiding like a lion in his den. He lies in ambush, so that he may seize the poor, to seize the poor as he draws him in. 31With his snare, he will bring him down. He will crouch down and pounce, when he has power over the poor. 32For he has said in his heart, “God has forgotten, he has turned away his face, lest he see to the end.” 33O Lord God, rise up. Let your hand be exalted. Do not forget the poor. 34How has the impious one provoked God? For he has said in his heart, “He will not inquire.” 35You do see, for you examine hardship and sorrow, so that you may deliver them into your hands. The poor one has been abandoned to you. You will be a helper to the orphan. 36Break the arm of the sinner and the malicious. His sin will be sought, and it will not be found. 37The Lord shall reign in eternity, even forever and ever. You will perish the Gentiles from his land. 38The Lord has heeded the desire of the poor. Your ear has listened to the preparation of their heart, 39so as to judge for the orphan and the humble, so that man may no longer presume to magnify himself upon the earth.
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