Sir 15

1Whoever fears God will do good. And whoever holds to justice will obtain it. 2And like an honorable mother, she will meet him, and like a virgin bride, she will receive him. 3She will feed him with the bread of life and understanding. And she give him to drink from the water of salvific wisdom. And she will be confirmed in him, and he will not waver. 4And she will hold to him, and he will not be confounded. And she will exalt him, along with those closest to him. 5And in the midst of the Church, she will open his mouth, and she will fill him with the spirit of wisdom and understanding, and she will clothe him with a robe of glory. 6She will store up in him a treasure of rejoicing and exultation, and she will cause him to inherit an everlasting name. 7But foolish men will not take hold of her. And though understanding men will meet her, foolish men will not catch sight of her. For she is far from arrogance and deceit. 8Lying men will be wary of her. But men who speak the truth will be found with her, and they will have success, even when examined by God. 9Praise is not beautiful in the mouth of a sinner. 10For wisdom was sent from God. And praise will stand before the wisdom of God, and praise will abound in the mouths of the faithful, and the sovereign Lord will give praise to wisdom. 11You should not say: “It is because of God that wisdom is absent.” For you should not do what he detests. 12You should not say: “He has led me astray.” For the impious are of no use to him. 13The Lord hates all abominable error, and those who fear him will not love such things. 14God established man from the beginning, and he left him in the hand of his own counsel. 15He added his commandments and precepts. 16If you choose to keep the commandments, and if, having chosen them, you fulfill them with perpetual fidelity, they will preserve you. 17He has set water and fire before you. Extend your hand to whichever one you would choose. 18Before man is life and death, good and evil. Whichever one he chooses will be given to him. 19For the wisdom of God is manifold. And he is strong in power, seeing all things without ceasing. 20The eyes of the Lord are upon those who fear him, and he knows each one of the works of man. 21He has commanded no one to act impiously, and he has given no one permission to sin. 22For he does not desire a multitude of unfaithful and useless sons.
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