Sir 47

1After these things, Nathan the prophet arose, in the days of David. 2And just as fat is separated from meat, so was David separated from the sons of Israel. 3He played with lions, as if with lambs, and he acted similarly with bears, as if they were lambs of the flock, in his youth. 4Did he not kill the giant, and take away the reproach from his people? 5By lifting up his hand, with a stone in a sling, he threw down the boasting of Goliath. 6For he called upon the Almighty Lord, and he swore with his right hand to take away the mighty man of war, and to exalt the horn of his people. 7So he glorified him amid ten thousand, and he praised him with the blessings of the Lord, by offering him a crown of glory. 8For he crushed the enemies on every side, and he eradicated his adversaries, the Philistines, even to this day. He broke their horn, even for all time. 9In all his works, he gave thanks to the Holy One, to the Most High, with words of glory. 10With all his heart, he praised the Lord and he loved God, who made him and who gave him power against his enemies. 11And he appointed singers to stand opposite the altar, and by their voices he provided sweet music. 12And he provided beauty for the celebrations, and he gave order to the times, even until the end of his life, so that they would praise the holy name of the Lord, and magnify the sanctity of God, from early morning. 13The Lord purged his sins, and he exalted his horn forever. And he gave him the covenant of the kingdom, and a throne of glory in Israel. 14After him, an understanding son rose up. And by means of him, he cast down all the power of the enemies. 15Solomon reigned in days of peace, and God subjected all his enemies to him, so that he might build a house in his name, and prepare a sanctuary for all time. O how well-taught you were in your youth! 16And you were filled with wisdom like a river, and your mind exposed the world. 17And you explained mysteries by means of parables. Your name became known to far off islands, and you were beloved for your peace. 18The earth was in wonder over your canticles, and proverbs, and parables, and interpretations, 19and over the name of the Lord God, who is known as the God of Israel. 20You gathered gold like copper, and you multiplied silver like lead. 21But you bent your thigh to women, and you were held by the power of your body. 22You brought a stain upon your glory, and you profaned your seed, so as to bring wrath upon your children, and to incite your foolishness, 23so that you would cause the kingdom to be divided, and an obstinate kingdom to rule from Ephraim. 24But God will not abandon his mercy, nor will he corrupt or abolish his own works. And he will not perish the stock of the descendents of his elect. And he will not destroy the offspring of him who loves the Lord. 25Therefore, he left behind a remnant for Jacob and for David, from the same stock. 26And Solomon had his end with his fathers. 27And he left behind himself some of his offspring, as the folly of the nation: 28both Rehoboam, who had little prudence, and who turned away the people by his counsel, 29and Jeroboam, the son of Nebat, who caused Israel to sin, and who provided a way of sin to Ephraim. And their sins were multiplied exceedingly. 30They thoroughly turned them away from their own land. 31And they sought every kind of wickedness, even until punishment overwhelmed them, and freed them from every kind of sin.
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