1 Chronicles 19


David sends a congratulatory message to Hanun, king of Ammon,

1, 2.

He treats the messengers with great incivility, 3, 4.

David is exasperated, but condoles with the degraded

messengers, 5.

The Ammonites prepare for war, and hire thirty-two thousand

chariots, and besiege Medeba, 6, 7.

David sends Joab to attack them; he defeats the Syrians and

Ammonites, 8-15.

The discomfited Syrians recruit their army, and invade David's

territories beyond Jordan; he attacks them, kills Shophach

their general, seven thousand charioteers, and forty thousand

of their infantry, 16-18.

The Syrians abandon the Ammonites and make a separate peace

with David, 19.


Verse 1. Now it came to pass] See the same history, 2Sa 10:1,

&c., and the notes there.

Verse 4. And cut off their garments in the midst] Usque ad

eorum, pudenda. So the Targum, Jarchi, and others; leaving exposed

what nature and decency require to be concealed. See on 2Sa 10:4.

Verse 6. Chariots and horsemen out of Mesopotamia] These are not

mentioned in the parallel place in Samuel; probably they did not

arrive till the Ammonites and their other allies were defeated by

the Israelites in the first battle.

Verse 7. Thirty and two thousand] The whole number mentioned in

Samuel is, Syrians, of Beth-rehob, and of Zoba, twenty thousand;

of King Maacah, one thousand; of Ish-tob, twelve thousand; in all

thirty-three thousand. Of chariots or cavalry there is no

mention. These could not have been the whole army.

Verse 13. Be of good courage] See Clarke on 2Sa 10:12.

Verse 18. Forty thousand footmen] See this number accounted for

in Clarke's note on "2Sa 10:18".

Verse 19. They made peace with David, and became his servants]

See on 2Sa 10:19, and the concluding note in that place; and see

for omissions in Chronicles, the preface to these books.

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