2 Chronicles 5


Solomon having finished the temple, brings in the things which

his father had consecrated, 1.

He assembles the elders and chiefs of Israel and the Levites,

in order to bring up the ark from the city of David, 2, 3.

They bring it and its vessels; and having offered innumerable

sacrifices, place it in the temple, under the wings of the

cherubim, 4-10.

The Levites, singers, and trumpeters praise God; and his glory

descends and fills the house, so that the priests cannot stand

to minister, 11-14.


Verse 1. Brought in all the things] See Clarke on 1Ki 7:51.

Verse 3. The feast] "That is, the feast of tabernacles, which

was held in the seventh month."-Targum. See 1Ki 8:2.

Verse 9. They drew out the staves] As the ark was no longer to

be carried about, these were unnecessary.

Verse 10. There was nothing in the ark save] The Chaldee

paraphrases thus: "There was nothing put in the ark but the two

tables which Moses placed there, after the first had been broken

on account of the calf which they made in Horeb, and the two other

tables had been confirmed which were written with writing

expressed in the TEN WORDS."

Verse 11. When the priests were come out] After having carried

the ark into the holy of holies, before the sacred service had


Verse 12. A hundred and twenty priests] Cymbals, psalteries, and

harps, of any kind, in union with a hundred and twenty trumpets or

horns, could not produce much harmony; as to melody, that must

have been impossible, as the noise was too great.

Verse 13. For he is good] This was either the whole of the song,

or the burden of each verse. The Hebrew is very short:-

Ki tob, ki leolam chasdo.

For he is good; for his mercy is endless.

Verse 14. The priests could not stand] What a proof of the being

of God, and of the Divine presence! What must those holy men have

felt at this time!

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