2 Chronicles 23


Jehoiada the priest, after having taken counsel with the

captains, Levites, &c., proclaims Joash, and anoints him

king, 1-11.

Athaliah, endeavouring to prevent it, is slain, 12-15.

He makes the people enter into a covenant, that they would

serve the Lord, 16.

The people break down the temple of Baal, and slay Mattan his

priest, 17.

Jehoiada makes several alterations, and remodels the kingdom,



Verse 1. And in the seventh year] See on 2Ki 11:4, &c.

Verse 9. Spears and bucklers] See on 2Ki 11:10.

Verse 11. God save the king.] May the king live! See on

2Ki 11:12.

Verse 14. And whoso followeth her, let him be slain with the

sword.] He who takes her part, or endeavours to prevent the

present revolution, let him be immediately slain.

Verse 15. Of the horse-gate] See on 2Ki 11:16.

Verse 16. Made a covenant between him] The high priest was, on

this occasion, the representative of GOD; whom both the people and

the king must have had in view, through the medium of his priest.

Verse 17. Mattan the priest] The Targum will not prostitute the

term priest, but calls him cumera, priestling.

Verse 21. The city was quiet] There was no attempt at a

counter-revolution. Concerning the coronation of Joash, there is a

curious circumstance mentioned by the Targumist on 2Ch 23:11, it

is as follows:-

"And they brought forth the son of the king, and put on him the

royal crown which David took from the head of the king of the

children of Ammon. In it was inserted the precious attracting

stone, in which was engraven and expressed the great and

honourable NAME [] which David had placed there by the Holy

Spirit: and it was of the weight of a talent of gold; it was

therefore a testimony to the house of David that no king who was

not of the seed of David should be able to put it on his head, nor

be able to bear its weight. When, therefore, the people saw it

placed on the head of Joash, and that he was able to bear this

crown, they believed him to be of the seed of David, and

immediately constituted him king. Therefore Jehoiada and his sons

anointed him, and said, May the king be prosperous in his


The Jews say that this was the crown of the king of the

Ammonites; and that it was always worn afterwards by the kings of

the house of Judah. See Jarchi on this place.

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