2 Peter 3:8

Verse 8. Be not ignorant] Though they are wilfully ignorant,

neglect not ye the means of instruction.

One day is with the Lord as a thousand years] That is: All

time is as nothing before him, because in the presence as in the

nature of God all is eternity; therefore nothing is long, nothing

short, before him; no lapse of ages impairs his purposes, nor need

he wait to find convenience to execute those purposes. And when

the longest period of time has passed by, it is but as a moment or

indivisible point in comparison of eternity. This thought is well

expressed by PLUTARCH, Consol. ad Apoll.: "If we compare the time

of life with eternity, we shall find no difference between long

and short. ταγαρχιλιακαιταμυριαετηστιγμητιςεστιν

αοριστοςμαλλονδεμοριοντιβραχυτατονστιγμης. for a thousand

or ten thousand years are but a certain indefinite point, or

rather the smallest part of a point." The words of the apostle

seem to be a quotation from Ps 90:4.

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