Acts 2:2

Verse 2. A sound from heaven] Probably thunder is meant, which

is the harbinger of the Divine presence.

Rushing mighty wind] The passage of a large portion of

electrical fluid over that place would not only occasion the

sound, or thunder, but also the rushing mighty wind; as the

air would rush suddenly and strongly into the vacuum occasioned by

the rarefaction of the atmosphere in that place, through the

sudden passage of the electrical fluid; and the wind would follow

the direction of the fire. There is a good deal of similarity

between this account and that of the appearance of God to Elijah,

1Ki 19:11, 12, where the

strong wind, the earthquake, and the fire, were harbingers of

the Almighty's presence, and prepared the heart of Elijah to hear

the small still voice; so, this sound, and the mighty rushing

wind, prepared the apostles to receive the influences and gifts

of the Holy Spirit. In both cases, the sound, strong wind, and

fire, although natural agents, were supernaturally employed.

See Clarke on Ac 9:7.

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