Genesis 31:53

Verse 53. The God of their father] As Laban certainly speaks of

the true God here, with what propriety can he say that this God

was the God of Terah, the father of Abraham and Nahor? It is

certain that Terah was an idolater; of this we have the most

positive proof, Jos 24:2. Because the clause is not in the

Septuagint, and is besides wanting in some MSS., Dr. Kennicott

considers it an interpolation. But there is no need of having

recourse to this expedient if we adopt the reading abichem,

YOUR father, for abihem, THEIR father, which is

supported by several of Kennicott's and De Rossi's MSS., and is

precisely the same form made use of by Laban, Ge 31:29, when

addressing Jacob, and appears to me to be used here in the same

way; for he there most manifestly uses the plural pronoun, when

speaking only to Jacob himself. It is therefore to be considered

as a form of speech peculiar to Laban; at least we have two

instances of his use of it in this chapter.

Jacob sware by the fear of his father Isaac.]

See Clarke on Ge 31:42.

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