Malachi 4


God's awful judgments on the wicked, 1.

Great blessedness of the righteous, 2, 3.

The prophet then, with a solemnity becoming the last of the

prophets, closes the Sacred Canon with enjoining the strict

observance of the law till the forerunner already promised

should appear, in the spirit of Elijah, to introduce the

Messiah, and begin a new and everlasting dispensation, 4-6.


Verse 1. Behold, the day cometh, that shall burn as an oven] The

destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

And all the proud] This is in reference to Mal 3:15 of the

preceding chapter.

The day that cometh shall burn them up] Either by famine, by

sword, or by captivity. All those rebels shall be destroyed.

It shall leave them neither root nor branch.] A proverbial

expression for total destruction. Neither man nor child shall


Verse 2. You that fear my name] The persons mentioned in the

sixteenth verse of the preceding chapter, ye that look for

redemption through the Messiah. Mal 3:16

The Sun of righteousness] The Lord Jesus, the promised Messiah;

the Hope of Israel.

With healing in his wings] As the sun, by the rays of light

and heat, revives, cheers, and fructifies the whole creation,

giving, through God, light and life everywhere; so Jesus Christ,

by the influences of his grace and Spirit, shall quicken, awaken,

enlighten, warm, invigorate, heal, purify, and refine every soul

that believes in him, and, by his wings or rays, diffuse these

blessings from one end of heaven to another; everywhere

invigorating the seeds of righteousness, and withering and drying

up the seeds of sin. The rays of this Sun are the truths

of his Gospel, and the influences of his Spirit. And at present

these are universally diffused.

And ye shall go forth] Ye who believe on his name shall go forth

out of Jerusalem when the Romans shall come up against it. After

Cestius Gallus had blockaded the city for some days, he suddenly

raised the siege. The Christians who were then in it, knowing, by

seeing Jerusalem encompassed with armies, that the day of its

destruction was come, when their Lord commanded them to flee into

the mountains, took this opportunity to escape from Jerusalem, and

go to Pella, in Coelesyria; so that no Christian life fell in the

siege and destruction of this city.

But these words are of more general application and meaning; "ye

shall go forth" in all the occupations of life, but particularly

in the means of grace; and-

Grow up as calves of the stall] Full of health, of life, and

spirits; satisfied and happy.

Verse 3. Ye shall tread down] This may be the commission given

to the Romans: Tread down the wicked people, tread down the wicked

place; set it on fire, and let the ashes be trodden down under

your feet.

Verse 4. Remember ye the law of Moses] Where all these things

are predicted. The Septuagint, Arabic, and Coptic, place this

verse the last.

Verse 5. Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet] This is

meant alone of John the Baptist, as we learn from Lu 1:17, (where

see the note,) in whose spirit and power he came.

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