1 Chronicles 2

1:19 Peleg, (a-14) Meaning 'Division.'2:6 Zimri, (b-6) Josh. 7.1, Zabdi. 2:7 Achar, (c-6) Josh. 7.1, Achan. transgressed (d-12) 'Committed unfaithfulness,' here and in ch. 5.25. 2:9 Chelubai. (e-15) Caleb. see ver. 18. 2:23 Aram (f-4) Probably 'the Geshurites and the Syrians.' It may be read 'and he took Geshur and Aram, with the villages,' &c. 2:24 Caleb-Ephratah, (g-8) Some read 'Caleb came to Ephratah. And Abijah.' Ashhur, (h-14) Or 'afterwards Hezron died in Caleb-Ephratah; (another) wife of Hezron was Abijah, and she bore him Ashhur.' 2:25 Ahijah. (a-21) Or '[and] Ahijah.' 2:50 sons (b-8) Lit. 'son.' firstborn (c-12) Or 'Caleb. Ben-Hur the firstborn.' 2:52 Hazi-Hammenuhoth. (d-10) Or 'half of the Manahethites;' and so ver. 54.
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