1 Chronicles 9

1:19 Peleg, (a-14) Meaning 'Division.'9:1 transgression. (a-31) Or 'unfaithfulness,' as Num. 31.16. 9:2 Nethinim. (b-22) Subordinate temple servants; from the Heb. nathan, 'give.' see Ezra 8.20. 9:5 Shilonites. (c-4) Or 'Shelanites.' 9:22 trust. (a-34) Or 'had appointed them on account of their faithfulness.' 9:23 there. (b-23) Or 'in charge.' 9:27 opening (c-21) Lit. 'the key.' 9:32 rows, (a-19) See ch. 23.29; Lev. 24.6.
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