1 Corinthians 7

1:2 saints, (a-17) Saints by [divine] calling.7:5 (b-1) It means to 'deprive another of anything wrongfully.' so that it has the sense of 'rob,' 'defraud;' but with the sense of taking away, or depriving of, what another had a right to. Such is the sense. I have said 'defraud,' as it is the same word as in ch. 6.7,8. The sense is just the same; only here it is of one another. 7:6 [to], (c-7) Or 'permitting' it. Not 'by permission;' that would imply that he said it by the Lord's permission. He said it in the way of permission, not as command. 7:7 gift (d-17) Charisma. see Note h, Rom. 5.16. 7:13 husband. (e-21) Lit. 'the husband.' 7:15 them (f-8) Lit. 'him.' see Note, ver. 28. 7:25 virgins, (a-3) Whether men or women. 7:28 have (b-17) Or 'she has.' I say 'they' to embrace both sexes, which the 'such' (toioutoi, plural), and what follows, distinctly implies. The Greek for 'virgin' is feminine from its primary natural reference, but see Rev. 14.4. 7:29 wives, (c-17) It may be translated 'for the rest [I say it], in order that even they who have wives.' 7:31 own; (d-14) See Note, ch. 9.18.
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