1 John 5

1:2 report (b-15) which (c-21) Hostis. as Matt. 7.24. The character, not merely the statement of the fact, 'which was such a one as that.'5:1 begotten (b-11) begotten (b-28) Or 'is born.' as ch. 3.9. 5:4 begotten (b-6) Or 'is born.' as ch. 3.9. 5:6 the (a-34) Or 'truth.' the proposition is reciprocal, as ch. 3.4, John 1.4. And 'truth' amounts only to true; whereas 'the truth' is the whole thing. 5:7 three. (b-7) What is omitted here has no real manuscript authority. 5:8 agree (c-12) 'Are to one point or purpose' -- to one thing in their testimony. It is more than 'agree.' 5:10 made (d-21) Poieo, as 'make,' ch. 1.10. see Note k, Rom. 1.32. 5:13 know (e-11) Oida. 'conscious knowledge;' so vers. 15,18,19,20, first. ginosko, vers. 2.20, second. 5:18 one (f-5) As 'whoever,' ch. 3.6. begotten (g-17) Or 'is born,' as chs. 3.9; 4.7; 5.1,4, 5:19 wicked (h-15) Or 'in wickedness.' This word, which may mean both, is also used for 'the wicked one,' as ch. 3.12.
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