1 Kings 10

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'10:6 affairs, (b-21) Lit. 'of thy things.' 10:17 minas (a-12) The gold mina, a coin containing 50 shekels, is estimated at 26 1/3 oz. troy. See Note, Ezek. 45.12. 10:18 refined (b-14) Or 'superfine.' it seems to have been the best kind of refined gold. 10:22 ivory, (c-26) Or 'elephants' teeth.' 10:25 year. (d-28) Lit. 'each year the business of the year.' 10:27 sycamores (e-16) Wild figs. lowland (f-21) The Shephelah. see Deut. 1.7. 10:28 of (g-14) Or 'out of Coa;' so 2Chron. 1.16.
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