1 Kings 15

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'15:2 Abishalom. (b-16) i.e. Absalom. see 2Sam. 3.3. 15:10 mother's (a-10) i.e. 'grandmother's.' see ver. 2. 15:13 queen, (b-10) Strictly, 'mistress.' It was a position similar to that of an empress-mother in China. see ch 2.19; for Asherah, see Ex. 34.13; Judg. 2.13. 15:18 Ben-Hadad, (c-44) Meaning, 'son of Hadad,' i.e. of the sun-god of the Syrians. 15:24 Jehoshaphat (d-21) Meaning, 'Jehovah judges.' See Joel 3.2,12,14.
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