1 Kings 2

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'2:3 prosper (b-39) Or 'act with intelligence.' 2:4 thee, (c-40) Lit. 'there shall not be cut off to thee.' so chs. 8.25; 9.5; 2Chron. 6.16; 7.18. 2:6 Sheol (d-18) See Note, Gen. 37.35. 2:16 not. (a-11) Lit. 'turn not away my face;' and so vers. 17,20. 2:26 death; (b-21) Lit. 'a man of death.' Adonai (c-40) That is, 'the Lord.' see Note e, Gen. 15.2. 2:32 shed (d-9) Lit. 'requite his blood.'
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