1 Kings 22

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'22:5 day (a-14) Or 'first. 22:8 Micah (b-36) See Judg. 17.4. 22:9 chamberlain, (c-8) Or 'a eunuch.' 22:25 chamber (a-18) See ch. 20.30 22:34 wounded. (b-41) Or 'have sickened.' see 2Kings 8.29. 22:38 bathed. (c-20) Some read, 'and the dogs licked his blood, and they washed his weapons.' 22:46 away (a-19) Or 'exterminated.' 22:50 Jehoram (b-21) Same name as Joram, 2Sam. 8.10.
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