1 Kings 4

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'4:2 priest; (b-15) Lit. 'the priest.' In ver. 4 there is no article. 'priests.' 4:5 superintendents; (c-10) or 'chief officers.' 4:6 household; (d-6) Here 'the palace.' 4:7 superintendents (c-5) or 'chief officers.' 4:8 Ben-Hur, (e-6) Or (Ben) 'the son of;' and so throughout the section. 4:10 Arubboth; (f-3) Or 'in the plains.' 4:22 provision (a-3) Lit. 'bread.' measures (b-9) measures (b-15) Heb. Cor, equal to ten ephahs. See 2Chron. 27.5. 4:27 those (c-2) See ver. 7.
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