1 Kings 6

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'6:4 closed (c-7) * Or 'splayed' -- narrow without, broad within. 6:5 floors (d-10) 'Floors' or 'flats' in three stories. 6:6 in (e-44) Lit. 'so as not to impair, or encroach upon, the walls.' 6:7 thither; (f-20) Or 'built of stones whole from the quarry.' 6:9 covered (a-10) Or 'ceiled,' see Jer. 22.14. 6:10 they (b-14) i.e. the whole system of side chambers. 6:12 ordinances, (c-19) Lit. 'judgments.' 6:15 built (d-3) That is, 'covered.' so ver. 16. walls (e-22) Not 'beams,' as LXX and others. 6:16 walls, (f-16) Or 'from the floor to the top of the walls.' place. (g-35) Lit. 'holy of holies.' so elsewhere. 6:18 colocynths (h-11) A kind of gourd. 6:20 within (i-4) Or 'the oracle before it [i.e. the ark].' altar (k-34) Or 'and overlaid the altar with cedar-wood.' 6:23 olive-wood, (l-10) Or 'wood of the oleaster (wild olive).' 6:29 palm-trees, (a-18) Or 'palms.' and so always. 6:31 doors (b-10) 'Folding-doors.'
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