1 Kings 7

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'7:5 architrave; (c-11) Some say 'made of cross-beams.' 7:6 steps (d-32) Or 'a threshold;' or perhaps 'a pediment.' 7:14 Naphtali, (a-10) See 2Chron. 2.14. brass; (b-22) Or 'copper,' or 'bronze,' as elsewhere. wisdom (c-28) Or 'skill.' 7:20 behind (d-16) Lit. 'beyond;' and so ver. 30. 7:21 for (e-7) Or 'near,' or 'at.' Jachin; (f-24) Meaning, 'He will establish.' Boaz. (g-36) Meaning, 'in Him is strength.' 7:23 brim, (h-12) Lit. 'from lip to lip.' 7:26 baths. (i-26) The 'bath' equalled the 'ephah' in capacity, Ex. 16.36; 2Chron. 27.5. 7:39 side (a-10) side (a-31) Lit. 'shoulder.' 7:40 lavers, (b-5) Some read 'cauldrons' or 'pots,' cf. ver. 45. bowls. (c-11) 'Bowls' or 'basons' to receive the blood for sprinkling; as Ex. 27.3; Num. 7.13; and so vers. 45,50. 7:41 globes (d-5) Or 'cups,' i.e. crowning pieces in the form of a cup. 7:45 things, (e-13) Elsewhere 'utensils.' 7:46 plain (f-3) See Gen. 13.10. 7:48 vessels (e-6) Elsewhere 'utensils.' 7:50 knives, (g-6) Or 'snuffers.' censers (h-15) Or 'fire-pans.'
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