1 Kings 8

1:1 age; (a-9) Lit. 'days.'8:2 Ethanim, (a-18) * Otherwise Tisri -- the feast is the feast of tabernacles. 8:8 long, (b-5) Others, 'and they drew out the staves.' 8:9 with (c-24) Or '... at Horeb, [the covenant] which Jehovah made with;' and so 2Chron. 5.10. see ver. 21. 8:13 place (d-13) As ver. 39 and Ex. 15.17. 8:43 dwelling-place, (a-7) 'Settled place', as in vers. 39 and 49. name. (b-59) Lit. 'that thy name is called over this house which I have built.' 8:46 to (c-25) Lit. 'before.' captives (d-34) Lit. 'and those that take them captive have carried them away.' 8:59 require; (a-45) Lit. 'the matter of a day in its day.'
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