1 Peter 4

1:1 sojourners (e-8) As ch. 2.11; Heb. 11.13.4:4 corruption, (a-17) Or 'dissoluteness,' the heart being poured out into it. Or 'excess of profligacy.' 4:13 share (b-5) Koinonos. see Heb. 2.14. 4:14 God (c-22) Or 'the Spirit of glory and of God.' There is a shade of difference in this. 4:17 us, (d-20) See Ezek. 9.6. obey (e-29) Or 'believe not.' See ch. 2.7,8 and 3.20. 4:18 saved, (f-7) Saved here on the earth, as through the trials and judgments which specially beset the Jewish Christians.
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