1 Samuel 15

1:1 Ephrathite. (e-34) Or 'Ephraimite,' the Levites being considered as belonging to the tribe in which they lived. see Judg. 17.7.15:5 valley. (a-16) Or 'torrent.' See Note, Deut. 2.14. 15:9 bearing, (b-21) Or 'fatted beasts.' lambs, (c-24) Fat lambs fed on rich pasture. 15:12 Carmel, (d-20) In Judah. See Josh. 15.55. monument, (e-28) Lit. 'hand.' 15:21 choicest (a-12) 'First-fruits.' devoted (b-15) Devoted by curse to destruction. 15:22 obedience (c-20) Or 'to hearken.' 15:23 idolatry. (d-15) 'Teraphim,' i.e. 'idols.' 15:24 commandment (e-14) Lit. 'mouth.' 15:32 gaily. (f-19) Some translate 'in fetters;' as Job 38.31, 'the bands.' 15:33 above (g-17) Or 'among.' 15:35 and (h-18) Or 'because.'
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