1 Samuel 16

1:1 Ephrathite. (e-34) Or 'Ephraimite,' the Levites being considered as belonging to the tribe in which they lived. see Judg. 17.7.16:3 name (i-25) Lit. 'say.' 16:4 him, (a-21) Or 'trembled at his coming.' 16:7 countenance, (b-10) Or 'aspect.' appearance, (c-36) Lit. 'the eyes.' see Ex. 10.5; Num. 11.7. 16:12 countenance (d-17) Lit. 'beautiful-eyed.' 16:13 David (e-24) Meaning,'Beloved.' 16:15 from (f-12) Lit. 'of.' so vers. 16,23; chs. 18.10; 19.9.
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