1 Samuel 2

1:1 Ephrathite. (e-34) Or 'Ephraimite,' the Levites being considered as belonging to the tribe in which they lived. see Judg. 17.7.2:1 said, (a-5) Vers. 1-10 are poetical in Hebrew. in (b-16) Or 'by.' 2:3 knowledge, (c-22) The Hebrew is plural. 2:6 Sheol, (d-10) See Gen. 37.35. 2:8 earth (e-37) Erets, 'land' or 'country.' world (f-45) Tebel, 'habitable earth.' see Prov. 8.31. 2:9 saints, (g-7) Chasid, 'pious,' 'holy.' see Note c, Deut. 33.8; 2Chron. 6.42; Ps. 4.3. prevail. (h-21) Or 'be powerful.' 2:13 servant (i-17) Lit. 'young man.' 2:15 burned (a-4) See Lev. 1.9 2:16 burn (a-10) See Lev. 1.9 2:17 offering (b-17) Minchah, 'oblation.' see Note b, Lev. 1.3 2:22 served (c-25) Or 'crowded.' see Ex. 38.8. 2:25 judge (d-9) Here 'judge' as an arbitrator. 2:27 in (e-33) Or 'of,' 'belonging to.' 2:28 upon (f-17) Or 'go up to.' 2:30 saith, (g-7) saith, (g-28) See Note, Gen. 22.16. 2:32 ever. (a-32) Lit. 'all the days.' oppressor (h-6) Tzar, 'adversary.' amidst (i-10) Or 'shalt see the distress of [my] habitation in.' 2:35 continually. (a-40) Lit. 'all the days.' 2:36 into (b-42) Or 'attach me, I pray thee, to.'
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