1 Samuel 28

1:1 Ephrathite. (e-34) Or 'Ephraimite,' the Levites being considered as belonging to the tribe in which they lived. see Judg. 17.7.28:1 armies (b-15) Or 'camps,' as in ch. 29.1. 28:2 person (c-28) Lit. 'head.' 28:3 necromancers (d-29) Or 'those who had a spirit of Python;' and so ver. 9. See Acts 16.16. 28:6 Urim, (e-17) See Neh. 7.65. 28:13 god (a-24) Or 'gods.' Heb. elohim. 28:19 army (b-26) Or 'camp,' as ver. 1; ch. 29.1, &c.
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