1 Timothy 5

1:1 Christ, (b-5) Or, according to some authorities, 'Christ Jesus.'5:13 houses; (a-16) The word 'people's' is not in the original, but has been added to represent the article in the Greek. It means 'going from house to house.' 5:14 respect (b-20) Or 'by reason of.' The sense is, the favour borne to anything; sometimes it is an object, sometimes a pleasing motive. The adversary found in the reproach a motive to exercise his hostility. As to 'adversary,' the habit of Paul is to speak thus of Satan directly when acting through men, because he knew the activity of the adversary, and the part he takes in such matters. To such an adversary reproach is a favoured, accepted motive. 5:18 says, (c-4) See Deut. 25.4. hire. (d-22) See Luke 10.7. 5:20 convict (e-4) Or 'reprove.' Elenko; to bring home a fault demonstratively to a man's conscience; 'to put to shame,' 'conquer,' 'rebuke,' but with conviction. see Note d, John 3.20.
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