2 Chronicles 2

1:5 tabernacle (a-21) Mishkan. see Ex. 25.9.2:1 build (a-5) Lit. 'thought to build.' 2:4 dedicate (b-14) Lit. 'sanctify.' arrangement (c-28) As Lev. 24.6. 2:6 sacrifice (d-35) Or 'incense.' Lit. 'to burn as incense' [i.e. all that is burnt on the altar]. 2:10 measures (e-16) measures (e-23) Heb. Cors. see Note, ch. 27.5. wheat, (f-19) Perhaps 'wheat for food.' 2:11 answered (g-6) Lit. 'said.' 2:13 Abi, (h-12) Or 'of Huram my father;' and so ch. 4.16. 2:14 Dan, (i-10) * In 1kings 7.14 Hiram is said to be of the tribe of Naphtali, but here of Dan, probably due to the fact that Naphtali belonged to the camp of Dan. Num. 2.25-31.
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