2 Chronicles 26

1:5 tabernacle (a-21) Mishkan. see Ex. 25.9.26:2 Eloth, (a-6) Elath, 2Kings 14.22. 26:5 God (b-4) Lit. 'And he was (set) in order to seek God.' 26:6 about (c-30) Lit. 'in.' 26:10 lowland (d-20) The Shephelah. see Deut. 1.7. 26:11 ruler, (e-33) Or 'officer,' as Deut. 1.15. 26:14 shields, (f-9) Small shields. 26:16 downfall; (a-13) Or 'to act corruptly.' transgressed (b-16) See 1Chron. 2.7.
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