2 Chronicles 29

1:5 tabernacle (a-21) Mishkan. see Ex. 25.9.29:6 habitation (c-27) Or 'tabernacle;' see Ex. 25.9; Ps. 74.7, &c. 29:8 vexation, (a-18) Or 'to be driven hither and thither.' See Jer. 15.4; Deut. 28.25. 29:11 incense-burners. (b-27) Applies also to 'burnt-offerings,' &c. 29:19 away (c-12) Or 'profaned.' transgression (d-15) Or 'unfaithfulness.' 29:21 offer (e-38) Olah, 'offer up,' as Lev. 14.20. 29:23 laid (f-18) Lit. 'leaned with.' 29:27 the (a-29) Or 'according to the ordinance of the.' 29:31 yourselves (b-10) See Ex. 28.41. thank-offerings (c-19) thank-offerings; (c-33) See Note, Ps. 56.12. 29:33 things (d-4) Lit. 'the holy things.'
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