2 Chronicles 32

1:5 tabernacle (a-21) Mishkan. see Ex. 25.9.32:5 Millo (a-30) Or 'the citadel.' shields (b-40) Properly 'small shields,' here and in ver. 27. 32:11 persuade (c-4) Or 'seduce.' 32:13 fathers (d-9) Or 'predecessors.' 32:17 letter (e-5) Lit. 'letters.' See Note b, 2Kings 10.1. 32:20 heaven. (a-19) Lit. 'to the heavens.' 32:24 sign. (b-23) Elsewhere 'miracle' or 'wonder,' as ver. 31. 32:29 provided (c-3) Lit. 'made.' cities, (d-6) Or 'enclosures.' 32:30 down (e-17) Or 'brought it under [the ground].' 32:32 deeds, (f-12) Chasidim -- plural of chasid, as 2Chron. 35.26. see 2Sam. 22.26.
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