2 Chronicles 6

1:5 tabernacle (a-21) Mishkan. see Ex. 25.9.6:2 place (a-14) As vers. 30,33,39; Ex. 15.17; 1Kings 8.13. 6:13 court; (b-29) Or 'enclosure,' as ch. 4.9. 6:33 name. (a-60) See 1Kings 8.43. 6:36 to (a-25) Lit. 'before.' have (b-30) Lit. 'those that take them captive have....' 6:41 saints (c-28) Chasid. see Note to ver. 42. goodness. (d-32) Or 'in goodness' or 'in that which is good.' 6:42 mercies (e-12) Chesed, whence the word Chasid, 'saint' (ver. 41). It is 'goodness' in God, 'piety' in man towards God, or one's parents, 'loving-kindness,' 'mercy.' Christ Himself, as the One in whom these qualities are found, is called Chasid, 'Holy One.' see 2Sam. 22.26; Ps. 89.1-3,19.
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