2 Corinthians 10

1:4 encourages (a-2) Parakaleo, as Matt. 2.18; 5.4; Acts 20.12; 1Thess. 3.7. I do not say 'comfort,' as that is rather conveyed in paramutheomai, so translated in 1Thess. 2.11; 5.14; 'console,' John 11.19,31; and 'consolation,' 1Cor. 14.3. The difference is slight, but here, as in Acts 20, there is the sense of 'cheered,' and this might replace 'encourage' and 'encouragement' if there were a suitable noun.10:4 God (i-14) Or 'divinely powerful,' as a Hebraism; or 'in a divine way', before God, in His view; bringing Him in; or 'through God.' Moses was 'beautiful to God' or 'divinely beautiful' (Acts 7.20). 10:5 Christ; (k-26) Or 'of Christ.' 10:7 appearance? (l-7) See ver. 1. 10:8 overthrowing, (a-28) See ch. 13.10. 10:12 intelligent. (b-28) 'Wise' is not the sense here, at least it seems to give the sense of 'not being wise in doing so,' which is not the force of the Greek expression. The force is 'do not perceive,' whether in capacity or fact. See Matt. 13.13; Mark 4.12; 6.52, 7.14; 8.17,21; Rom. 3.11; 15.21. 10:13 measure, (c-8) There is a double meaning in the words here. They signify 'out of measure, immoderately,' but allude also here to the false teachers going where God had not sent them. see ver.15. 10:17 Lord. (d-10) See 1Cor. 1.31.
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