2 Kings 10

1:8 [garment], (a-13) Or 'a hairy man.'10:1 letters, (b-11) Or 'a letter,' as vers 2,6,7, but here it is the plural. guardians, (c-27) Or 'nursing-fathers.' see vers. 5 and 6 and Num. 11.12, &c. 10:12 meeting-place (d-18) Or 'Beth-Eked.' 10:13 queen. (a-40) See 1kings 15.13. 10:15 greeted (b-18) Lit. 'blessed.' 10:25 city (c-58) Others, 'buildings' or 'citadel' of Baal. 10:26 columns (d-5) Or 'images.' see ch. 3.2. 10:27 column (d-6) Or 'images.' see ch. 3.2.
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